Travel Insurance

Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, a medical emergency or cancellation can put a damper on your plans. Before you pack your bags to go on your next out-of-province trip, make sure you 've purchased the appropriate Travel Insurance to keep you safe, away from home.

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Travel Insurance Features

Whether you’re a frequent traveler or going on your one time dream trip, travel policies can be customized to include a range of coverages and features including:

Emergency Medical Coverage

Ensures your health is safeguarded during your travels by providing coverage for unexpected hospitalization and medical costs.

Trip Cancellation & Interruption

Guards against the financial implications where unforeseen events cause you to cancel or end your trip prematurely.

Annual & Single Trip Options

Choose the coverage that fits your travel frequency, with flexible options for every kind of traveler.

Visitors to Canada Insurance

Welcomes guests with confidence, offering them comprehensive emergency medical coverage during their stay.

International Student Plans

Support educational journeys with specialized emergency medical plans for international students in Canada.

Additional Travel Features

A host of additional coverages that be purchased standalone or bundled with other coverages such as Baggage loss, Accidental Death & Dismemberment, and Rental Car Protection.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Travel Insurance

Have questions? We've compiled some common inquiries to assist you. For more detailed guidance, our brokers are just a call away.

What distinguishes travel insurance from regular health insurance?

Travel insurance provides coverage for specific incidents that occur while traveling out of province, including medical emergencies, which regular provincial or extended health insurance may not cover.

How much does travel insurance cost?

Short trips for young travelers start as low as $20. A Traveler’s age, medical history, trip length, trip location, and amount of coverage will affect the cost. For an exact quote, you can go online through our Tugo affiliated portal or contact us directly.

Does travel insurance cover trip cancellation for any reason?

Possibly. Generally trip cancellation coverage is meant to cover unforeseen medical, occupational, or family related circumstances. That being said, we work with a couple of companies who offer enhanced trip cancellation coverage that covers additional circumstances that other policies may not.

Can I buy travel insurance online?

Yes, you can purchase your travel insurance through our affiliated TUGO insurance link here you have any questions or prefer to work with a broker, please contact us direct

What is an Annual Travel Insurance Policy?

An annual travel policy is a one year policy that provides coverage for unlimited out of province trips subject to a certain number of days per trip. (example. A 15 day annual travel plan would allow an unlimited amount of trips up to 15 days per trip).

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